First Nation Fitness provides world class fitness training to support Native youth and their parents in achieving their fitness and athletic ambitions. Our dedication to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle will help prevent childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes in Native communities while strengthening cultural connections.

​Strengthen Cultural Connections

  • at the heart of sports and the heart of Indigenous culture is running.  For Indigenous Peoples running is spiritual and we will work to build on that understanding to strengthen the youth.  Spiritual running is the foundation of our work.​

Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

  • support Native youth and parents in their quest to perform at their best athletically. Being physically active and fit will promote self-confidence and an overall sense of well-being. It is our aim to provide a long term dedicated and consistent fitness program to prevent and reduce childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes in Native communities

Promote a Healthy Active Lifestyle

  • not every child is interested in organized sports, we will support them in their pursuit to be healthy, fit and active.

"We recognize the lack of availability for professional fitness training for Native youth and adults. It is our endeavor to fill this gap by providing First Nation Peoples with the expert and specialized training they deserve to be competitive on the playing field.  We also strive to provide fitness training off the field to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle."