​Ages: 3 - 6 years old

StartFIT meets age appropriate goals in all components of a comprehensive fitness program. StartFIT also is flexible enough to be adapted to the individual needs of your child while being meaningful and FUN! We introduce building blocks to creatively promote living healthy.​

Ages: 10 - 13 years old

We take individual physical development into consideration during this stage to continue to build healthy habits. Providing more technical instruction during this stage of rapid development allows your child to smoothly transition into their teen years. A structured approach to resistance training begins with emphasis on form, technique and control.

Ages: 14 - 18 years old

Time to excel by increasing speed, strength, agility and power on the field. Safe and proper lifting techniques will be taught while incorporating speed, reaction, plyometric and agility drills to improve over all athleticism. Parents, student & coach working together to enhance fitness and performance. Your child does not have to be in sports to make health and fitness a priority during their teen years.​

​Ages: 7 - 10 years old

GetFIT is designed to introduce your child to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating and encouraging fitness during early childhood sets a lifelong positive foundation.